Wikane offers a unique service delivered through a coherent package of actions, methods and tools on five growth drivers as well as communications arrangement which reflect it all : strategic and financial communications, sales tools, direct and digital marketing and internal communication.


There can be no real growth policy without preliminary clarification of objectives. A Wikane consultant helps the business owner/manager to distance him/herself from the business and to define personal goals, proposes a way forward and translates it into actions.


We help SMEs to adopt a marketing strategy of conquest by segmenting their service, opening up other markets, underlining their differences, putting in place tools to monitor competition, amongst other things.  These are often decisive steps in kick-starting growth.


SMEs’ commercial approach is more often than not carried out in an opportunistic and improvised manner. We define real action plans based on notions of timescale, repeatability and comprehensiveness, whilst at the same time targeting potential and existing customers. This is an area of excellence with Wikane.


A growing SME needs to optimise and redeploy resources. Its leader must learn to delegate and to involve his/her closest colleagues in decision-making. We anticipate all the steps to drive and support your growth.


A defined strategy requires appropriate financial resources. We help you to evaluate them, to create tools to monitor them and to find sensible technical solutions, thanks to our mastery of financial engineering, fundraising and approaches to evaluation and transmission.