Wikane: a network of consultants specialists in helping companies to grow

Our experts work alongside SMEs to conceive and implement growth plans. Our clients are primarily industrial or service-sector companies working in the Business to Business environment. Wikane pursues a double objective for clients:

  • To INCREASE their revenues, gross margins, profits, market share, exposure, brand equity, company value and, ultimately, the owner/manager’s assets.
  • To IMPROVE individual prospects, motivation, the business environment and, thus, staff productivity.


Wikane, growth strategy specialist, has over 50 offices in Europe

Too many Owner/Managers believe that having a strategy is a luxury only large group companies can afford. But anyone making the effort to create one will undoubtedly see the benefits in the form of a company committed to sustainable growth, able to mobilise its employees around a unifying project. So why can’t that be you? …