If an Owner/Manager wants their business to grow, they have to learn to delegate. For some this can be difficult. One of the first challenges as a consultant is to support the Owner/Manager in overcoming this invisible obstacle, to free themselves from  their mental chains, to let them escape from the “One Man Show”.

In our experience, the qualities that make a good start-up are not necessarily the same what makes a good Owner/Manager. To take this second step towards success requires an ability to REALLY delegate, and not merely pretend to.

some of the many Psychological barriers PREVENTing sme LEADERS from delegating:

  • strong competence, leading to perfectionism and obsession with control
  • difficulty in accepting that they can “do things differently”
  • difficulty in adjusting the degree of control to exert over each individual
  • fear of losing some of their power
  • fear of damaging the image of their company, or even their own image
  • the certainty that they can do everything faster and better than anyone else
  • inability to accept loss of quality of deliverables, even if it’s only temporary

with this in mind, our goal is to:

  • identify the Owner/Manager’s psychological barriers
  • define the type of people who could complement the Owner/Manager’s strengths, and make a coherent and harmonious whole
  • define what could and should be delegated
  • support Owner/Managers in their decision-making
  • facilitate the main management meetings
  • change the point at which you decide to delegate, over time
  • implement reporting and monitoring tools
  • anticipate the organisational structure required to support rapid company growth, 18 months in advance