Having optimised the development of a company, having covered the home market, there are two lines of possible action:

  • Diversification, a particular kind of way forward for a company which is no longer content to simply adapt its activity to various technological changes, but actually wants to expand its portfolio of activities. It will look to develop new markets or grow its business with its existing clients, thanks to the creation of new products or services.
  • Internationalisation is significant for SME leaders, for SMEs which innovate, for SMEs which must be ahead of their competitors in a country. It is achieved either by exports or by setting-up a subsidiary or by acquiring holdings, perhaps purchasing a company in the target country. In all cases, we recommend carrying out a market test via local intermediaries (wholesalers, importers, retailers, etc).

These two growth models are often risky. Wikane’s body of experience is priceless in order to avoid costly mistakes.