External growth: stack the odds in your favour

Taking over an SME, easy? If your sights are set on a micro-structure, perhaps.
If you search for a business worthy of the name, certainly not, there are a limited number of companies you would consider.

Wikane proposes to potential buyers a process that leaves nothing to chance: a systematic approach to targets, long-term evaluation of the economic potential, effective co-ordination of technical experts.
Stacking all the odds in your favour, up to the signing-up and beyond!


And what if the sale of your business were to be the best move of your career?

Does selling your business amount to the exchange of your assets or the sale of a project in which you have invested your best?

At Wikane, we prefer the second option! And we help owners/managers to make this a positive moment in their careers: choose a coherent strategy, a proactive approach to growth, a systematic approach to investors, the orchestration of technical experts, etc.

At stake: an optimal valuation of your company, and the satisfaction of having completed a high level project.

Wikane consultants are in place throughout France, in Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Italy and in the UK, working alongside owners/managers in the development of SMEs in all sectors of activity. Coming from the world of business, they privilege a strategic and economic vision in their field. Over 25 years they have led about a hundred takeover or transfer operations.