The industrialisation of the approach to doing business is a method elaborated by Wikane over 25 years. It is the subject of a book entitled How to boost your turnover, the spirit of conquest. published by ‘Editions d’Organisation’. It treats sales activities as an industrial process.

The indicators put in place enable the profitability of different actions to be measured and thus for you to be able to choose in favour of the most profitable.

At the end of a year, the information collected will enable you to master step by step, the creation process in ‘doing business’ in your professional area.

The success of this method lies in targeting a portfolio of businesses likely to be interested in the service and then putting differentiated actions into place according to the three fundamental principles: Comprehensiveness, Repeatability, Time Span.

From experience, the use of this method allows both the prospecting of customers and the “nurturing” of clients and it draws the attention of the sales staff to the value of each client. The results obtained after one or two years are spectacular with an annual growth in sales upwards of 15%.