Former boss of an SME

Ex-patron-PME-WikaneYou were at the controls of an SME and valued your freedom of action.

But after all those years in day-to-day operations, you want to take your career into a new direction and along paths of your own choosing: consulting is the right direction.

You have built up your experience as a ‘boss’, you have lived through those dark times when the company was in jeopardy with cash-flow problems, you have overcome the loss of major customers, you have managed as best you can the tensions between your colleagues. This font of experience makes you ready to go with your other self, not as a classic consultant but as an entrepreneur advising another.

Your past is the cornerstone of your legitimacy, you will have a fresh take on things, a flair for interpersonal behaviours, a sharpened awareness of commercial situations, an intuition for the balance of power, the ability to recognise immediately what is important and what is not, a clear awareness of your added-value and of the high-paying salary it deserves.

At Wikane, you will above all be an entrepreneur who advises another, and you will shortcut your time to market. Thanks to the network’s strongly-supportive back-office, you will save time in the development of your services and in the conquest of your market to construct a highly profitable and valued firm with a strong image.

These are the success factors that Wikane can bring to you as, the number one network of franchised consultants working in the global development of companies.

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