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ex-cadre-dirigeantYou have been acting as a consultant on your own for some time and you were successful in getting started. Well done! Having said that, you feel isolated, you feel as if you have run out of steam and as if you lack what it takes to fully demonstrate your potential.

You have the required expertise and know-how; in short, all the skills of the modern SME manager, plus that natural credibility which lends to some of us a leadership quality over others.

Expertise? You know that a company must clarify its strategy while setting sensible goals in tune with the personal objectives of its leaders, especially in V/SMEs. You know that all growth assumptions call for proportionate financing, and it does not take you long to work out a working capital requirement (WCR) with regard to a growth plan.

You know how to segment the market, construct a bid, take advantage of its competitive edge and, build a marketing action plan.

Know-how? You know how to get yourself heard by leaders and to inspire them with ideas which they then take up and make their own, to the extent that they even forget where these ideas have come from! But you do not have any hang-up about this, and it doesn’t affect your ego.

But when on your own, you have no-one with whom to share all this, you develop doubts and at the slightest hitch you dip psychologically. Wikane responds to isolation: you are part of a consolidated, tightly knit and complementary group, which shares the same values.

In short, you are autonomous, but you need never be alone!

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