Former senior executive

Ex-Cadre-Dirigeant-WikaneWith a successful corporate track-record, numerous possibilities are open to you in sectors with significant potential. But your need for independence is no longer point of negotiation.

Are you going to take over or to create a business? Anything is within your grasp. You have acquired strong knowledge and have entrepreneurial flair, with a vision that owes as much to intuition as to experience. You know how to take measured risks and you have confidence in yourself.

But, nevertheless, something holds you back: your place is on the outside of companies and not on the inside. What’s more, ten or twenty companies are more interesting than a single one. You are like a good clinician: the symptoms speak to you, and especially when they are not your own.

You don’t want to be an executive or the purchaser of a company. And that’s the line in the sand that marks the turnabout in your career: high level consultancy, management consultancy delivered to senior executives.

As an independent consultant with Wikane, the way you take things forward will be more robust, your status will be enhanced and your credibility strengthened. Your clients will accept you as their equal. What’s more, the very act of launching yourself with Wikane will constitute a founding moment for you.

Of course, we do not guarantee success. You must play your part like any entrepreneur, but if you are able to succeed as an independent consultant, you will be able to succeed more rapidly and more effectively with Wikane by your side.

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